About us

AIBF NGO has been a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO)

that dedicates its services and resources for the complete welfare and growth of our students.Having inspirations from Swami Vivekananda and Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, we never look back as we concentrate on moving heads with our aims and objectives.

We work consistently for the overall growth of humanity on this plant as we have innovative plans and programs to promote national integration, communal harmony, and international peace.

We are a team of self-motivated people who are versatile in their own domains. With them, we have been 100% successful in implementing our programs for their ultimate success. On one hand, we create plans to help the young minds to grow up into mature citizens, and then on the other, we extend our hands to the helpless and needy. For everyone here at AIBF NGO, making the world a better place to live is a priority and we are doing it in style. Our organization has been gearing up to work exclusively to help the students and others in society with premium yoga and wellness programs. Our welfare programs vary in nature as we serve everyone to meet their growing challenges. With NGO partnership with Niti Aayog, Government of India, we have plans to revolutionize our programs and activities to make a bigger and deeper impact on society, with special attention to the students and other community dwellers.


The main mission of AIBF NGO is to build a strong and healthy society with adequate participation from everyone. Right from students to the other components of the society, we wish to serve them all so that they grow with pure mind and heart.

Our Vision

A visionary by nature, AIBF NGO share a dream to make the world a better place to live for all. We work to remove evils from society showing the people the right ways to live. We pledge to grow strong to help people without differentiating them on any grounds.

Aims and Objectives

AIBF NGO aims at working for everyone with an intention to make him/her live a decent life. We believe in serving everyone in society as our contribution towards the society we are living in. Our NGO has been successful but we have a long way to go.