Rashid Khan

“I, Ustad Rashid Khan am well informed and aware of the Social Work performed by All India Brotherhood Foundation. The work being done by AIBF is commendable and we encourage the foundation to keep moving ahead.

I and my academy The Fifth Note Global Centre of Excellence has and will continue supporting their endeavors.

On behalf of my academy and including my family and me we would like to extend our gratitude and wish AIFB all the success for their current and future endeavors.”

Yogi Biswa

“I appreciate Mr. Jayanta Banerjee and AIBF NGO for their remarkable activities that they have been doing in recent times. I wish all the best to the organization. Rather impressed, I would like to extend my hand with a willingness to work on multiple areas related to health and wellness.”

Dr. S. Chatterjee

“I am very well aware of the social work of All India Brotherhood Foundation (AIBF). They are doing a very good job. I and my organization ‘Protect the Warriors’ owe and always be with them. I thank every member of the organization. Wish them all the success in the future.”